Well, Bill Barley And Associates is really not so new. For the past four decades, our primary business focus has been photography and related expertise. Working from our studio in Columbia, SC, our range of assignments have included aerial and industrial/commercial photography, advertising and design, real estate, manufacturing, people and product photography. And we’ve been very successful at it. But, in the words of Mr. Dylan, “the times they are a-changin.” For BB&A, that’s a good thing. No we don’t like change necessarily, but… it requires us to shift our focus, our way of thinking. Not about change, but about new solutions. That’s the new Studio BB&A. Our love of color, technology, and all things visual reignites our dedication to providing new and effective solutions to the ever changing universe of art, color, and your vision.

“For over a decade my relationship with Bill Barley has been fantastic. His attention to detail and his desire to give me exactly what I want and need has made me a very satisfied client.”
– C. Miller